Production and marketing of flax fibers

COMLIN union, The european player in flax production

TERRE DE LIN markets its scutched flax with the cooperatives and AGYLIN and NEUBOURG within the union COMLIN. COMLIN represents 30% of European production of flax fiber.

The three actors share their expertise to joint the marketing of scutched flax. COMLIN uses a qualitative classification for flax fibers whose reliability is recognized by the spinners. COMLIN offers a wide range of fibers through its large terroir in Normandy. COMLIN, through its organization, provides complete traceability of the fiber.


TEX NORD, the flax fiber marketing subsidiary of TERRE DE LIN

TEX NORD filiale de commercialisation de TERRE DE LIN

TEX NORD carry expertise, passion and values from TERRE DE LIN. TEX NORD represents 25% of European flax fibers exports.

TEX NORD supplies the world's leading spinners with its expertise on flax fibers. TEX NORD is based on the production capacity and the large offer of COMLIN.


Our products and markets

TERRE DE LIN transforms its production straw into scutched flax and tows. The cooperative performs a second transformation of fibers into hackled flax sliver.

Our markets are :

  • Textile industry
  • Paper industry
  • Insulation outlets
  • Automotive industry
  • Composites industry