Transmission and improvment of know-how

The perpetuation of expertise about flax/linen

Flax/linen cultivation and knowledge of the fiber are difficult to grasp. Transmission and improvment of know-how are main axis of work of Terre de Lin and the future of the sector.

The actions undertaken by the cooperative are an opportunity to discuss the technical nature of our business and the challenges of tomorrow, but it is above all human encounters to transmit and develop the passion of flax/linen.


A primordial role of advice and support

The technical support is provided by Terre de Lin agronomic team which advice farmers throughout the year for:

  • Individual monitoring of the cultivation
  • Agronomic trials
  • Adaptation of agricultural practices according to the expectations of the downstream industry


TERRE DE LIN has initiated actions on the transmission of know-hox to its employees and farmer members:

  • Knowledge of fiber
  • Adaptation of cultivation and transformation processes
  • Quality improvement
  • Develop a passion about flax/linen