History of TERRE DE LIN

TERRE DE LIN has been a passionate player of the flax sector since 1939. We have developped our activity and our values over the decades, from the start of the flax/linen cooperatives in France.

  • 1939-1950, the roots of the french flax/linen.

  • 1950-1970, the beginnings of research and innovation.

  • 1970-1990, the growth of the cooperative.

  • 1990-2000, the birth of TERRE DE LIN.

  • 2000-2015, an ever more dynamic cooperative.



    Within 75 years, the cooperative only had 3 presidents and 3 directors.  In this way, it ensures a large stability in its strategic orientations.


    The cooperative could keep and strengthen its values

    • Equity between the adherents, especially concerning their remuneration,
    • Respect of the principle « one man, one vote » for decision making,
    • Transparency of the decisions of the board of Directors,
    • Humanism with a strong involvement of the adherents and the employees,
    • Commitment over time : partnerships and stability are favoured,
    • Ambition to ever remain opened to new events and innovation.

    TERRE DE LIN has been from its creation up to now, the committed cooperative of the textile flax/linen sector from upstream to downstream.