Introduction to TERRE DE LIN

A committed cooperative, rooted in its land

TERRE DE LIN is a cooperative specialized in the culture and the converting of textile flax/linen from the seeds to the fiber.

The 600 adherent farmers and 220 employees share the same passion for flax, they are committed to quality flax/linen and to innovation. They focus on keeping a specific know-how,  and strive to improve the practices in terms of production, respect of the environment and social responsibility.

TERRE DE LIN is based in the Upper Normandy area, unique terroir for the world production of quality textile flax/linen. The cooperative represents 15% of the world quality flax production. It is the major actor of the flax/linen textile supply chain upstream.


360° actions upstream of the supply chain

TERRE DE LIN is the unique structure that gathers all the activities upstream : breeding, seed production, fiber scutching and hackling and marketing shive by-products.

TERRE DE LIN joined two other Upper Normandy cooperatives  in the COMLIN cooperative union. With the same passion, the three actors share their know-how for a common commercialization of flax fibers.

TEX NORD, marketing subsidiary of TERRE DE LIN, is the major partner of most of the spinneries in the world. TEX NORD is recognized by its spinner customers for its professionalism, its reliability, its transparency and its know-how in the selection of raw material.


To learn more about us

TERRE DE LIN shows in this video its passion, its values and its know-how in the culture and the converting of textile flax/linen.