Our partnerships

As a committed Cooperative, as a group of passionned people being convinced that the know-how is a major guarantee of quality, TERRE DE LIN wants to to stand by the companies of the linen sector that share its convictions and values .

Thus, TERRE DE LIN developped some partnerships with its downstream, with actors that share our passion.



Since the year 1918, TOSCO has been developing its know how to produce worsted dry spinning (linen) yarns and fabrics. With passion and quality commitment, TOSCO’s policy has been to develop a strong relationship with the Chinese spinning mill YIXING SUNSHINE. Both companies have been working together for years to develop their know-how and quality control. In the same way, YIXING SUNSHINE and TEX NORD have built a close partnership to give quality consistency and regularity to YIXING SUNSHINE’s yarns.

This transverse initiative starting from the fibers selected by TEX NORD to the YIXING SUNSHINE’s yarn and up to the TOSCO’s fabrics, tells about the commitment of the three partners towards quality and traceability. Building a long term partnership and confidence between the 3 actors, sharing together so as to improve their respective know how and passion for flax and linen have been the keys to develop quality linen fabrics . TOSCO decided to promote this three part partnership. TOSCO now use the TEX NORD brand to promote the quality of the fibers in their linen yarns and fabrics.




Linen has always been part of Basque history. In the house - etxea in Basque - linen was used for the sheets of the trousseau transmitted from generation to generation, but also for the most beautiful clothes. The ancestor of Basque linen, the “mante à boeuf”, was also made of linen and protected the animals from parasites while absorbing their perspiration.

LINETXEA chose the linen passionately cultivated by the farmers in Normandy of the cooperative TERRE DE LIN. The longest fibers, the most noble and the softest, are selected to obtain an exceptional yarn.





Camille and Alexis are passionate about linen.

Having grown in a farmer family from Normandy, as flax producers for 4 generations and adherents of TERRE DE LIN, they have been in contact with this fiber since they were children.

Willing to promote the excellence of Normandy flax and linen, they created their own brand of home textile: EMBRIN. Convinced by the exceptionnal virtues of flax fiber on sleep, the young brand currently distributes exclusively bed linen, but the collection will be growing next spring with new products.




Collection Spring/Summer 2017

Passionate about natural materials, with a personal style, the brand MAT DE MISAINE has flax garments in its collections every year.

For the second year, MAT DE MISAINE, a brand from the West Coast of France, renewed its partnership with TERRE DE LIN.

This partnership is an opportunity to highlight the meeting of two know-how around flax and linen: the cultivation and extraction of flax, natural fiber, by the farmers of TERRE DE LIN and the creation and development of linen garments by MAT DE MISAINE.



Linen has been a passion for KENLAND for years.

The first meeting with TERRE DE LIN was in 2011. The family Onuma came to TERRE DE LIN to see the blooming flax fields. Getting to know the blue little flower was so exciting and so full of emotion !

At the end of 2016, KENLAND and TERRE DE LIN decided to illustrate the story of European Flax through the KENLAND LINEN collection, containing TERRE DE LIN fibers.
As one of the first promoters of the traceability label European Flax in Japan, KENLAND LINEN is enthousiastic about illustrating the European Flax story with TERRE DE LIN.





During the summer 2014, Myriam, the founder of the brand Juste - La Révolution textile, contacted us via our website. Willing to sell 100% traced linen collections, she had decided to contact TERRE DE LIN.

Fully passionned about this material, she came several times to produce several reports on linen, showing where the fiber comes from, how it is cultivated and the passion of the people that grow and work with flax, in the fields or in the scutching mill .

Myriam says she "loves basic pieces (...) that are transmitted from mother to daughter and from sister to sister" exactly in the same way as  the know how and the passion of linen are transmitted from generation to generation.




LIBECO-SAFILIN, the fabric collection Terre de Lin

Passionate about linen for a long time, LIBECO is firmly committed to a strategy of sustainable development, respectful of people and of the environment.

With the collection Terre de Lin, LIBECO wanted to cooperate with SAFILIN and TERRE DE LIN, two players of excellence in European flax/linen.

The fibers of the collection Terre de Lin come from the Bolchoï variety, a variety developed by TERRE DE LIN, naturally resistant to three diseases of flax, which improves the cultural process while preserving the quality of the fiber.





Japan is one of the main countries consuming linen. Teisen is fully committed to develop linen business in Japan. Passionned with this fiber, Mr Tokiaki Iida, Chairman and CEO, regularly comes to Europe.

In 2015, he came to visit TERRE DE LIN to see the beautiful blue flax fields . There started the idea to work together on a traceability project for TEISEN customers. Flax being a culture from Europe, talking about Terre de Lin know how and about Normandy terroir was also a wonderful opportunity to tell about the flax history to TEISEN customers.


Collection Printemps/Eté 2016

During the 2015 winter season, MAT DE MISAINE and TERRE de LIN have met. MAT DE MISAINE was exhitibiting its 2016 summer season collections .

MAT DE MISAINE likes linen as evidenced by its spring-summer season collections. During the discussions with Laurence, the brand director of collection, we have shared this passionate taste for high quality material that one likes watching and touching.

This meeting confirmed our will to work together. The 2016 collection includes linen pieces whose fiber comes from the know how of the people of TERRE DE LIN


April 2016

Creativity, enthousiasm and reactivity : this is how YUTES decided to work together with LINIFICIO and TERRE DE LIN to tell the story of their fabrics to their customers, starting from the fiber coming from TERRE DE LIN to be converted into yarn by Linificio and finally to create and produce creative fabrics. One common characteristic between our three companies is flax and linen of course; passion for this material, and the people that make it grow and evolve in their hands.



In 2014, following the international linen congress organized by CELC, Lemaître Demeestere and Terre de Lin chose to highlight their similarities: both rooted in their land and their know-how. The two companies become closer to talk about their passion, flax/linen and trace the path of the fiber cultivated by Terre de Lin farmers to the weaving by those of Demeestere Lemaitre.



As they were about to launch their new collection of working clothes called F-Fabrik, FREITAG came to TERRE DE LIN so as to understand the flax culture. The visit of the FREITAG brothers together with their team contributed to build the launching video of their new collection..



In 2013, TERRE DE LIN helped ALBINI whose objective was to realize a communication targeting their customers and including a teaching approach on flax and linen. We opened our doors so that Albini could meet adherents and employees.